About Genius MAP

Genius MAP is an international child development program based on Soroban - an ancient mathematical calculation tool used in Japan and in many other countries.

Genius MAP improves brain power in children aged 4 to 16; it generally develops the ability to master their skills of solving problems mentally. It is not simply about putting numbers together but rather a mental exercise that results in high level logic and analysis, better observation skills, time management techniques, a wider imagination, elevated concentration abilities, serious discipline, more patience, and higher self esteem. All these skills will obviously result in higher academic achievement.

Our program is specified to each child’s needs and interests regardless of his/her ability and learning style. With our highly qualified team and the latest technologies and smart games proved that educational process can be challenging environment full of enthusiasm and curiosity.

The result is a child eager for challenges; holding the map that will lead him to be a GENIUS….

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